Mind Science

I am fascinated by how our minds work. Why do some of us think some things, while others can’t possibly even imagine it? Why do some of us say and act in different ways to others? Why does it sometimes go horribly off the rails, and why do some people seem to just breeze through life without any potholes in their mental road?

Mind Science pulls all of these things apart. And a few times a week, my paid subscribers receive a details and well-researched article on a Mind Science topic around mental health and wellness, resilience, trauma, addiction, fun, overcoming adversity, quirks and idiosyncrasies, and much more. Even my free subscribers get a daily email and website post about that day in the history of mind science.

So, do you want to receive these articles each week into your inbox? They are simple and easy to understand, but relate to stuff that we all feel and think each day, and help us better master our thoughts and moods, as well as getting a better understanding of why some people are the way they are!